NCMSS Oakland Movers Share 10 Tips for Moving with Pets


Moving is one of the most stressful life events for people – and it can be a lot worse for our furry family members because there’s really no way you can explain to them that you’re just moving to another home. While moving with pets isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Our very own NCMSS Oakland movers are here to share some of the best tips on how to make your move as easy as possible for your cats and dogs.


  1. Visit your vet. Before you move, it’s a really good idea to talk with your vet. If you’re moving long-distance, your vet can give you some advice on how to keep your pet calm during the drive or flight. And if you plan on changing vets due to your move, you should also make sure to take your pet’s medical records.
  2. Keep your pet in a quiet area when you’re packing. Our Oakland movers report that a lot of pets get very anxious when their humans start packing and taking out their belongings. The best way to prevent any stress is to keep your pet in a quiet room and provide them with enough food, water, and toys. Ideally – and if your pet is ok with being around people – you should ask a family member or a friend to take care of your pet until you finish everything in your old home.
  3. Maintain your pet’s routine. If at all possible, follow your pet’s normal routine and schedule when it comes to eating, playing, and going outside.
  4. Make the car ride/flight as comfortable as possible for your pet. Get a comfortable pet carrier for your furry friend, bring plenty of food and treats with you, and make sure to talk to your pet as often as you can to try and reassure them that everything is alright.
  5. Don’t let your pet out of the carrier until you get to your new home. You may feel tempted to let your pet out of the carrier as soon as you arrive to your new neighborhood, especially if you have a dog. However, keep in mind that the trip may have been stressful for you pet, plus they don’t know the new area, so they may easily get scared and lost.
  6. Prepare a pet bag for the first couple of days. Oakland movers recommend to pack a bag with all of your pet’s necessities – food, food and water bowls, toys, blankets – so you would have easy access to all of your pet’s things as soon as you get to your new place.
  7. Keep your pet in one room until you’re settled. It can be tempting to let your furry friend explore the new home, but it’s best to confine them to one room (with all of their things) and then gradually introduce them to the new space.
  8. Update the information on your pet’s tag and microchip. Since it’s much easier for pets to get lost after a move, it’s essential that you update the address and phone number on your pet’s tag and microchip as soon as possible.
  9. Take your pet to a vet for a checkup. You should take your pet to the vet right after the move, just to check if everything is alright (and meet your new vet if your old one is now too far away from you)!
  10. Give your pet lots of love. During the entire move, don’t forget to cuddle and play with your pet. This will make it easier for them to deal with the transition, and they won’t feel like something bad is happening.

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