The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist with the Help of Commercial Movers


Commercial Movers’ Advice and the Ultimate Office Moving Checklist in Hayward, CA & Surrounding AreasCommercial Movers in Hayward, CA

Your office has a move coming up and you are unsure where to begin. To help, NC Moving and Storage’s commercial movers in Hayward, CA, and surrounding areas have created a simple checklist to help you organize your upcoming move with ease.

  • Planning – As your move approaches, spend time looking for commercial movers a few months ahead. Schedule estimates and see who fits your needs the best and has the moving and storage services you need. While you do your research, create a dropbox or file where all the moving information can be kept in one place.
  • Communication – As soon as the moving day is established, let your employees know right away. Your employees are directly impacted by this move and it will disrupt their work and life. Keep them informed and in the loop throughout the move. When the move is complete, it’s a good idea to go back and see how it can be improved if another move occurs in the future.
  • Inventory – Before the move, take stock of what will be moved, what will be donated, or thrown away. Knowing what you have is important during your estimate with the commercial movers because they will need to estimate the movers, equipment, and trucks needed in your move.
  • Floor Planning – With new office space comes new opportunities. Measure your current belongings to make sure they will fit in the new place. This is a good time to see what the office needs from new printers, more workspace, and more in the new location.
  • Packing – Packing can take a while and is a lot of work when you have an office to run. Consider hiring temp-help to make sure your employees don’t get burnt out preparing for the move. Commercial movers also provide full-service moves where they can pack for you and disassemble furniture such as cubicles.

With these tips, you and your office will be prepared for the move-in day. Make sure to check in on your employees to see how they are handling the move and to find room for improvement. Take advantage of the customizable services of commercial movers and have a streamlined experience.


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