Tips for Moving a Short Distance with Local Movers in Hayward, CA


Professional Local Movers Provide Tips on Moving a Short Distance in Hayward, CA & Surrounding AreasLocal Movers in Hayward, CA

A move of any size has its own complications and challenges to plan out ahead of time. If this is your first move or is only one of many, know that moving a short distance can still be helped by local movers to make your move easier for you. Let’s see how your move can benefit from professional moving companies like NC Moving and Storage Solutions.


Preparing for the Move

As you start to plan your move, it’s a good idea to think about what you will need. On a short distance move, your items still need to be packed safely for the trip. Safe belongings are thanks to sturdy boxes so make sure you do not use any old, worn-out boxes because these can break and risk injury or damages. You will need to purchase boxes, packaging tape, markers, and packing materials.


Organize Your Belongings

Before you begin packing, take inventory of what you have. Sort everything into throw-away, donate, and to keep piles. This way you can cut back on the clutter and move only what you are keeping. Make sure you measure all furniture, windows, doors, artwork, and more to make sure everything fits in your new place.

As you begin packing, set aside necessities to pack last from toiletries, a dish or two for dinner the night before the move, and more. These will be packed last and put in the moving truck. Or, set aside important paperwork housekeys, medications, and more to be packed with you in the car. For a local move, you won’t need much for the drive so this will save you some planning time.

Measure your furniture ahead of time, purchase supplies, and got through your items to plan for your upcoming move. Local movers are a great resource to help with the move and they will get you settled in no time. See how your move can be streamlined with these tips.


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