5 Steps to Compare Moving Companies


How to Choose Between Professional Moving Companies in Hayward, CA & Surrounding AreasMoving Companies in Hayward, CA & the Bay Area

As you start planning for your move it is important to take your time when choosing between professional moving companies. There are many moving companies to choose from but be sure not to pick one at random. If you pick a moving company without any research, you run the risk of having damaged items and a stressful move. Let’s avoid that with these 5 steps to compare moving companies.


  1. Compare Reviews – As you start researching, compare the reviews from moving companies. See who is rated best online with reviews, comments, and references.
  2. Gather Estimates – Pick from the companies you researched to schedule free estimates with. This is a service to request an accurate estimate of your move and the services you require. Be sure to ask many questions and look for movers who are eager to help and explain the process.
  3. Compare Rates – After completing the moving and storage estimates, compare the rates of each company to see who fits your budget the best while balancing the quality of services discussed.
  4. Choose Services – Pick the companies that have the estimates in your budget and see who has all the moving and storage services you need. There are many services from packing, custom crating, short-term and long-term storage, and the disassembly of furniture.
  5. Licensing Info – Finally, compare the facts. Request and look up the licensing information of your top moving companies, see who are a part of the pro movers organization or are listed under the American Moving and Storage Association and follow their code of ethics. Are they Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited?

After completing these steps take your time to see which moving and storage company works the best with your specific needs. You will want movers who are easy to communicate with and work alongside.

Start planning your move with these tips on how to compare moving companies. Approach your next move with ease knowing that you picked the professionals right for the job. Get started and see your move become a reality today.


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