10 Moving and Storage Safety Tips from Professional Movers


Professional Movers’ Advice on How to Move Safely and SecurelyProfessional Movers in Hayward, CA & Surrounding Areas

Moving is stressful and costly. Moving from one property to another can be risky, especially on Moving Day, when the day’s unpredictability can offer surprises.

Yes, money and time are vital, but your health and the health of your loved ones, including your pets, should always come first. That’s why it’s so crucial that you all be safe when relocating.

The top moving and storage safety recommendations are to keep you safe and healthy throughout your home relocation from our professional movers at NC Moving and Storage Solutions.


  1. Seek Help – Don’t try to lift and transport big household objects alone. Instead, ask your pals to help you with the hard lifting or hire professional movers to take things for you.
  2. Plan Ahead of Time – Prevent severe mishaps for the Big Day by planning ahead of time. If you plan on hiring professional movers, make sure to reach out to them early to get a moving and storage quote and start planning.
  3. Properly Pack and Move – Invest in quality moving equipment and boxes to transport heavy objects like massive furniture, bulky appliances, and enormous moving boxes.
  4. Check Your Furniture – Prevent severe incidents from happening on moving day. Ensure that the largest pieces of furniture you’re transporting will fit through all doorways and hallways. Pre-measure the furniture, then measure the doors and corridors along the anticipated exit path. If the numbers don’t add up, disassemble your largest furniture pieces safely before moving them out.
  5. Dress Appropriately – Dress correctly for the occasion to reduce moving day dangers. The day of your move is the most uncertain period of time, so be prepared for any nasty shocks. Wear garments that provide maximum comfort and protection. Choose breathable, flexible clothing that doesn’t restrict your motions. Don’t wear oversized clothes.
  6. Clear all paths – No random moving boxes or other disorderly clutter should be in your way when transferring large and heavy items out of the home. Remember that one wrong step or slip might completely wreck your house relocation. Exit routes with random debris spell trouble and offer a significant trip hazard.
  7. Secure outdoor areas – Assist with the outdoor areas as well. An unobstructed passage leading to the moving vehicle is preferred. Remove any ground debris, even if it appears harmless. Even though you may be moving out, you should still make sure to trim overgrown shrubs and tree limbs that could injure movers.
  8. Keep your kids safe –  Keep little children away from packing and relocating. You don’t want kids running about when large furniture is being removed. Young children who may not fully comprehend what’s going on can be particularly vulnerable. Ask a relative or close friend to watch your kids while you work in the designated Safe Zone.
  9. Keep pets safe – Ensure your pets’ safety — cats, dogs, birds, fish, etc. You don’t want your playful dog or mischievous cat roaming about your feet on moving days like kids. Overall, moving day safety is about preventing accidents. Keep your pet safe and secure in a room with plenty of food and water, and consider temporarily barring the door to prevent accidental escape.
  10. Weather watch – Keep an eye on the weather while moving. So, on a hot summer day, avoid overheating by drinking lots of water, turning on the air conditioner, wearing light-colored clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. During a winter relocation, keep the house warm and dress in layers to control your body temperature.


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All in all, just make sure to use common sense. Don’t attempt to be a hero and do things you can’t even handle. Hire professional movers and allow them to do the heavy lifting for you while you move smaller items. Contact NC Moving and Storage Solutions today for more information on all of our moving and storage solutions!