Checklist for Commercial Movers’ Post-Move Checklist for Businesses


Expert Hayward, CA Commercial Movers Provide a Post-Move ChecklistCommercial Movers in Hayward, CA & Surrounding Areas

Moving to a new office can help your company grow, develop, and prosper, and it is well worth the time and effort it takes to plan and prepare. There is still a lot to do after the transfer, especially in the first few days. Use this relocation checklist from NC Moving and Storage Solutions’ expert commercial movers to guarantee your firm is well-prepared for the transfer.

  1. Employee Moving Kits – Your first priority should be to relocate your personnel to the new location. On the day of the move, employees should be handed moving packages that include new passcodes, keycards, desk assignments, and parking places.
  2. Examine Technology and Equipment – Following a relocation, have your IT department assess all equipment. Include laptops, printers, phones, and projectors in the check. Check the operation of any additional specialized equipment. You don’t want a client with a technical issue coming to your office a week after the transfer.
  3. Extra Furniture & Equipment – Once the workplace has been organized for maximum efficiency, you can arrange for the disposal of any extra furniture and equipment, including old office furniture that no longer fits the new. Extra equipment can be saved, given away, sold, or thrown away. To avoid a crowded and uncomfortable office, do this as soon as possible after moving in.
  4. Update Materials & Website Details – One of the most crucial tasks after a transfer is to double-check all firm papers for contact information. Don’t leave any platform neglected to avoid misleading your clients. Print new brochures and posters, reorder business cards, and update your website and social media profiles.
  5. Understand Your New Environment – Making appointments with colleagues and clients will require you to map out your new surroundings. Being aware of traffic conditions, alternate routes, and public transportation options might help you avoid being late for a meeting. You can also get a list of excellent business lunch spots as well as their operating hours.
  6. Contact Associates and Customers – To avoid future misunderstandings, notify all clients and associates as soon as feasible after the relocation. Include your clients, cleaners, carriers, and the US Postal Service in the process. You can confirm your new address to verify that scheduled meetings, services, and delivery continue.
  7. Complaints & Claims – Fill out any complaints and insurance claims with the moving company after everything has been unpacked and examined. It is critical to notify any damage as soon as possible to guarantee proper reporting and claims.
  8. Leave an Online Review – While it may take a few days to review commercial movers, it should be completed within a week. You may also share your thoughts and ask questions here. If you had a positive experience, it may assist others in making a decision.


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