What to Do When Moving into a New Home 




Moving houses can be exciting when you plan well but exhausting when not pre-planned. This checklist can help you save money during the process and offer guidance on what to do upon arriving at the new home.

Conduct a complete walkthrough

Walking through a new house is essential and is best done when the house is empty. It helps you to know where and whether furniture will fit. One can also confirm whether items like doors, windows, fixtures, outlets, and switches are in working order. Third, movers can raise any issues to the appropriate parties sooner for action.

Figure out where to put your things

Planning where to set household items can save time and effort, especially when dealing with heavy and large items like furniture. Movers can coordinate with moving companies to move and arrange household items, including toys. Another moving and storage option is building extra cabinets before setting things in appropriate places. Movers can make changes later on based on preference and taste.

Ensure safety for children and pets

Moving into a new home with children and pets requires in-depth caution and childproofing to ensure their safety. Childproofing the home includes stashing alcohol, sharp objects, and breakables in high storage cabinets before finding a permanent spot. Movers can also install cabinet locks and doorknobs in bathrooms. Checking all windows to ensure they are closed is also necessary.

Set up connectivity and utilities

Arrange all utilities to be set up or transferred before moving into a new home. Confirm that your internet, cooling and heating, electric, water, and gas are set up on moving day. Next, contact the local waste management facility to make the necessary garbage disposal plan.

Locate the necessary functions

Unwanted events like a blown fuse can occur anytime and require preparation. When moving in, note the location of the water valve, fuse box, and circuit breaker. Also, identify where smoke detectors are and test them to ensure functionality. Lastly, determine an escape route should a fire occur and a plan of action in case natural disaste

rs like tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes occur.

Conduct a deep cleaning session

Cleaning a new home right after moving in is vital. Not only does it help reduce clutter and dirt,

but it also helps owners remember where items get stored. The best option is to clean high before cleaning low and cleaning one room at a time. Some moving companies may offer cleaning services, but it is best to confirm during consultation.

Ensure a secure security system

Safety is a must when settling in a new home. Enhancing security can include changing locks, setting up a home security system, using a smart doorbell, and installing cameras or motion detectors.


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