Top Six Challenges When Moving Out of Your House


Moving out of your house is an exciting time. You get to move into a new home and start from scratch with decorating and making it into your own space. However, some challenges come with moving out. We’ve compiled a list of the top six challenges people face when moving out of their homes.

1. Poor Weather
Rainy, wet, windy weather can make moving days challenging. It can be difficult to keep your items dry between heavy boxes and furniture. Good weather is important on moving day because it will help keep you and your crew upbeat and everyone moving quickly throughout the day.

2. Long Distance Moves
Long-distance moves are challenging because they require more time and planning than other types of moves. The entire process could take weeks or months, depending on how far you’re moving or transporting your items.

3. Furniture Won’t Fit Out the Door or Down the Stairs
Getting furniture out of your home can be challenging, and having to get down narrow staircases can make it even more difficult. Make sure you know if you’ll need to move furniture down or upstairs before your scheduled moving day. If it is a challenge, consider using professional movers.

4. The Moving Company Refuses to Move Something
Moving with a moving company can be a frustrating experience. You’re hiring someone else to move your items, and you don’t want to risk getting scammed or being denied service. Each mover has its own policies, so you should thoroughly check out the mover by asking them all your questions and verifying that they are insured.

5. The Movers Arrive Late or Not at All
Moving is a process, and as soon as you hire movers, you entrust them with your items. The last thing you want is for them to arrive late or not at all. Call them immediately if they don’t show up by the time they told you they would. If the issue can’t be resolved, find another company to take over for the mover who stood you up.

6. Time
Moving is time-consuming, and anyone who has ever moved can tell you that. You have to have time scheduled in your calendar to start packing, clean your home as much as possible, and then load the moving truck. On moving day, you will need to reserve a few hours at least for the move, depending on how far you’re going and if you’re loading yourself or using movers.

These are just some of the biggest challenges of moving out of your house. They are all things you should know about before you’re scheduled to move day. As long as you have a good idea of what to expect, you can easily make it through the process and reduce any stress you may have had before the move. Contact our movers today if you are ready to start planning for your move.